Jul 14, 2013

More Than Friends Review

Title: More Than Friends
Author: Susan Child
Publication Date:
February 28, 2013
Publisher: Susan Child
Pages: 15
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They were best friends… Unfortunately.

When her sleazy ex cheated on her, Alice turned to her best friend Zack for support. Her head tells her never to love again, but in the arms of Zack, her heart has other ideas.
And so does Zack.
How can he tell her how much he wants her, when one night of passion could destroy the friendship of a lifetime?

Sitting under the Coogee sunshine, Zack Sky waited for his best friend Alice to arrive at the café. He took in the noisy bustle of the waiters and waitresses running from the kitchen to their designated tables allowed bursts of heavenly aromas to waft through the air. He looked at his watch and felt butterflies dance in his belly; it was nearly time for Alice to arrive for their regular Friday lunch. Rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hands, Zack winced at the burn and sting from his sleep-deprived eyes. He straightened his shoulders, determination set.
Despite her telling him five years ago that they could only be friends, that she wanted nothing to change between them, he was going to make her break through her emotionally crippling fear that whoever she chose to love would cheat on her like her father had done to her mother. Finally, Alice would realise that he loved her, had loved her since their first year of high school. Would love her forever.

More Than Friends is a hot short story about two friends that quickly decide friendship is not enough for them when they have been in love with each other but kept it a secret. In this sizzling story Zack and Alice decide to just fully go all the way and boy do they do it quickly. When I got More Than friends I expected just a regular romantic short story but I got way more then I thought. Susan keeps the fire going through this whole short story, cant wait to read more books by her. If you want a book that you can just curl up on the couch, read during your lunch break or at the doctors office then pick up More Than Friends today!

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