Nov 1, 2013

Love Hurts Review

Title: Love Hurts
Author: Beverly Scudamore
Publication Date: September 1, 2013
Publisher: James Lorimer
Pages: 144

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Mel's best friend, Dustin, is her dream guy, but she lost her chance with him last year and now he's seeing someone else. Enter Colter, the handsome new guy in school who is definitely interested in her. He's just the thing Mel needs to get her mind off Dustin. Before Mel realizes it, she's spending almost every waking moment with Colter, even skipping volleyball practices and nights out with friends.

When Colter gives Mel a ring, alarm bells start ringing, and Mel worries that maybe they're moving too fast. But every time Mel tries to cool things down a bit, Colter latches on even tighter. Mel can't bring herself to leave him. But she is beginning to wonder what lengths Colter will go to if she does.

My Review:
Love Hurts was a very good read, it had me drawn in a few pages into it and I finished it in one day cause I just could not put it down. I do think it could have been a little longer just to see what happen to Colter for what he did, what happen to Mel after she went ahead and went to the police about everything and what happened between Mel and Dustin after everything was said and done, but maybe that leaves room for a second book, not about abuse but just a follow up story or showing what all happens afterwards. I really enjoyed reading this book and could see myself reading more books by this author!

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