Jan 10, 2014

Strange Visions: The Beginning

Strange Visions: The Beginning
Mitchel Grace

This is a story about a young man who is no one special. While everyone around him seems to seamlessly fall into place, he simply can’t find a way to belong. Through a freak accident, he suddenly sees the world through different eyes. He understands how everything and everyone works. What will he do with his new gift? After he finds out the identity of a certain murderer, that question is answered. What starts out as something that was amazing for a young man soon turns out to be a calling. How many people can he save, and how far will he go to try to do something that might be better off left alone?

When I was first sent this book I have to admit I was not sure at all that I would like it cause it was the first time I have ever read a book that has to do with criminal stuff. Once I started reading though I could not put it down, I read the entire book in one day.

Michel does an awesome job of giving details and making sure you understand what is going on. I can see him going very far in his writing career. 

In this book you meet Trent, just a normal boy until a car wreck changes his life. You also meet Ally, Trent's one love who barely notices him at first. Then there is also Dan, the baseball playing, bad boy who has a bad temper. Oh lets not forget Robert, the detective who can not seem to figure out how Trent knows everything he knows at first. Life changes drastically for all of these people in this book. 

The only thing I did not like about this book was the big cliffhanger at the end that Mitchel leaves you with. 

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