Feb 17, 2014

Book Boyfriend

So I am sure that every reader out there has a book boyfriend, right?? Rather you like the bad guy with a big heart, the sweet & innocent guy or the sarcastic in a funny way guy we all have something we find that we like about the guy in the book that just makes you wild. 

For me, my book boyfriend is Layton Morris from Broken by Kelly Elliott :)

He is absolutely swoon worthy in my opinion!! 

So tell me who is YOUR book boyfriend????


  1. My current book boyfriend is Tucker from Cambria Hebert's book Tricks. I heart him heard haha!!

  2. My favorite book boyfriends are Kevin Reed from The Low Notes by Kate Roth, Jack from the Flowering Series by Sarah Daltry and Aiden from Her Masters Courtesan by Lily White

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  4. Currently I am reading Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller , Ethan Blackstone has always been 1 of my all time favorite book boyfriends and let me just say he is totally superb in this book even better than before...how is it possible to improve on perfection ?? who knows but Ethan has !! Amie :)