Aug 11, 2014

Moonstone Dreams

**Warning: This story entails mature content where several scenes depict graphic domestic violence, strong language, and sexual situations, therefore, reader discretion is strongly advised**

Victoria Carlisle on the outside is a succesful married buisness woman with a beautiful mansion, three children, a nanny, and what looks like a picture perfect life. Unfortunately she holds many dark secrets including being in a very abusive marriage.

She tries to keep strong and move forward by avoiding her husband and spending as much time at her office as possible. Her mundane daily routine is derailed when she finds herself drawn to a gorgeous younger man. He shows her a happier side of life where she is the center of attention. Their connection grows stronger and they share the same fantasy about being together forever. However darkness lurks over their relationship as Victoria begins to question if she could ever leave her husband. Living in fear, paranoia, and confusion she must make a life changing decision before it’s too late.

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