Jul 31, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday July 31. 2012

From now on every Tuesday I will be doing Tell Me Something Tuesday. A weekly meme that is hosted by one of my favorite authors, Cambria Hebert, so be sure to check here every Tuesday for the post.

How do you feel about negative book reviews? Writing them and reading them…

I feel horrible when I have to write a negative review cause you never know how the author is going to react. It is my job as a reviewer to give MY honest opinion on the book that I read. If I was to lie then that is setting not only a bad example but people will think its a good read & then turn around and complain that the review was a lie or sham if themselves did not like it ethier. 

Reviews are meant to be building tooks for authors so that they know what they may be doing wrong, what their fans are looking for or not looking for. That is why reviewers are around, they are around to share their thoughts with the authors so they can take into consideration what they may need to change. At the same time though do not base the book off just one review cause everyone is going to have a different opinion, it just depends on what they like to read and what style of writing they like. :)


  1. Negative reviews are an important tool in the writing process. The key is to make them constructive by mapping out the problems. I am really glad you joined the meme :)