Aug 5, 2012

Between (Heven & Hell Book #1.5)

Author: Cambria Hebert
August 1, 2012

My Review/Description:
Logan was a normal kid. Lived with both his parents and his older brother Sam. Life was great for Logan until one day something changed, Sam changed.

After that life was never the same. Same;s father made him leave and told him to never return. After that Logan's life became a mess, his mother cried all the time, his dad became tougher on him, bullies picked on him and Logan was lonely. 

Then one day in a flash everything changed for Logan, his body felt weird and felt like there were two people living in his body. Of course when his dad found out it only got worse so Logan too off to find the one person he knew would understand. 

after looking and finally finding Sam, Logan also found out about Heven. Logan knew one thing now, if anyone got in the way of him being with Sam.....well.....he would come between them. 

In Between Logan just wants to be normal again, wants his brother back but that does not happen the way he thinks, things change very badly for Logan and he only know he can only turn to Sam but he does not realize that Heven will be in the picture so now he wants to do whatever it takes to remove her. I felt sorry for Logan in this book cause his whole life had changed and he did not understand why and then to make matters worse he starts to turn into the one thing his father can not stand. We get to hear everything from Logan's thoughts in Between and start to see things a little clearer for him. It is a short read but it will help you understand Logan better so be sure to read Between by Cambria Hebert.

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