Jun 24, 2013

The Indie Soul Summer Giveaway

This giveaway is co-sponsored by Indie-Visible: Literary Justice For all, a resource for authors to get everything they need for their self published book: 

We’re a powerhouse collective of independent writers using joint resources and collaborative social media to deliver quality books to the masses. 

 We work with top notch editors, illustrators, graphic designers, and PR gurus, keeping all aspects of industry-related work within our ever growing family of freelancers, supporting a thriving community of entrepreneurs. 

 Indie-Visible as a whole exists to help members of the indie publishing community not only connect, but thrive! 

So lets talk details: 
There will be three winners, a reader, a blogger and an author Victoria Faye, Indie-Visible Designer will discuss with the winners which they are. The initial winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter, the other two by another randomizer. 

Lets talk prizes:
 Each winner will get: 
1 BOOKLOVER // JOURNAL (Designed by Whit&Ware) 
1 INDIELUV TEE by Whit&Ware (Choose from three designs!) 

The Author winner will also get - A FREE COVER DESIGN/PROMO PACKAGE by Whit&Ware Design 

The Reader winner will also get- An Awesome Book Haul!
-Arrows of the Mist by Christina Mercer (postcard,bookmarks) 
-Tongues of Angels, and The Doris Diaries Vol.1 by Julia Park Tracey 
-Forged in Grace – Jordan Rosenfeld 
-eBooks: Raksha by Frankie Rose, and more (TBA) 

The Blogger winner will also get - A FREE BLOG REFRESH! New header, buttons, and custom graphics by Whit&Ware Design 

So what are you waiting for? Enter NOW! THE INDIE SUMMER SOUL GIVEAWAY – by Whit&Ware 

More Prize Details at: Facebook.com/Whitandware 
Look in Whit&Wares Page Notes for prize info! 

Check out Indie-Visible on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/literaryjusticeforall 

Online: http://indie-visible.com/ 

Check out Whit&Ware Design on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitandware

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