May 14, 2014

Hidden Darkness - NightClub

David Wade and Chris Wesker had it all. Their dream nightclub in the sunny state of Florida, good friends and no money worries, that was until the past finally caught up with them. Hidden love, secrets and lies begin a whirlwind that places their friendship on the line as they fight to seek the truth. What was once their dream soon turns into a bloody nightmare and the fight for survival begins.
Nightclub begins an epic journey into a world of darkness and deceit as time is slowly running out to seek the truth. Will David and Chris be able to withstand the pressure and remain friends or will they turn on each other and become bitter enemies?
Pray you don't look into the eyes of your inner demons.

What people are saying about Hidden Darkness:Nightclub

"Excellent, terrified but could not put it down. Very very well done. A real page Turner. But be warned Will creep into your dreams. Excellent Excellent book."

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