Sep 8, 2012

Desire & Fate By Beth Wright

Author: Beth Wright
Published: August 25, 2012
Amazon:Desire and Fate
Smashwords:Desire & Fate
Adult Content Rating: 18 and up

Hanna and her husband, Sam, lived on a warship in space until they crash landed on a bizarre, wild world.

Ozonar, the Dromgas leader, only wants one thing, a lifetime mate which he has chosen Hanna to be.

Now Hanna's husband is dead and she is surrounded by Dromgars. Now she only has one choice, let fate lead the way and give into her desire.

In this book wright jump right into action which I think is awesome cause you dont have to wait on it to grab your attention. It has your attention as soon as you hit page 2. Warning though that is heavy sexual context in the story so this book is for 18 and up!! Who would have thought a dragon and human story could be so hott & heavy? Well this one def is!! So check it out today and see what you think. Personally to me it was an AWESOME read!

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