Sep 1, 2012

Its FINALLY here!!!!!

Im ALWAYS excited over new books specially new books by my favorite authors! I am proud to announce (a few days late) that BLOOD BOND by Heather Hildenbrand has been released!!!! Check out some quotes from the book below, the Cover and the link to buy your copy of Blood Bond today! 


“I could never run, you know,” I said. “Not because it isn’t tempting, but because I can’t outrun me. If it were only about facing CHAS, stopping them, or changing them, I’d do it. In a second. Or I’d try. Facing myself is a different story. How can I demand they accept me when I don’t know who I am?”
“I can’t answer that for you. I can only tell you what was told to me by someone very wise: ‘Your blood doesn’t define who you are. Your choices do.’” ~Blood Bond

 “What are you going to do with this, Tara?” Alex asked.
I didn’t answer him right away because honestly, I wasn’t sure. For the first time, the pressure of leadership that Wes was always talking about weighed on me. It seemed the harder I fought against it, the more I was propelled into leading a cause I wasn’t even sure I stood for yet.~~~Blood Bond

“Cord’s not all bad. You have to let her warm up to you,” Wes said.
“Right. Warm up to me.” I shook my head. “That would be like melting the polar ice cap with a space heater.”~~~Blood Bond

 “You saved Tara from the attack,” Wes said, startling me with the abruptness of his words. He was still staring at Alex.
“Yes.” Alex didn’t move.
“You have feelings for her,” Wes said.
Alex hesitated for only a split second. “Yes.”
“Would you die to protect her?”

Link to buy Blood Bond: Blood Bond on Amazon 

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